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At-home teeth whitening, ebay kit!

White teeth are a sign of good health and personal hygiene and are essential for a lovely smile. Smiling, which usually makes you feel good, can also make you feel self-conscious if your teeth are less than white. If your teeth aren't as white as you'd like them to be, there are some things you can try at home for a whiter smile, without costing you a fortune. 2 months ago I've ordered a theeth whitening kit on Ebay, I used it for a while and you can read more about it in this post.

Let's start with some information first.

Why do teeth change color?
Blame time and your diet. With age, the enamel on teeth becomes thinner and more transparent, and the inner layer, called dentin, looks darker. Teeth also absorb colored liquids throughout your life, like coffee, tea, cola, and red wine are frequent culprits, along with more tenacious tobacco stains.

How do at-home whiteners work?
Commercial whitening kits are often very expensive and make you big promises, while cheaper kits gives you (almost) the same results. Because hydrogen peroxide is the key ingredient in most whiteners.The higher the concentration of peroxide and the longer you leave it on your teeth, the whiter they'll get. The downside: Bleaching molecules can get trapped in nerve passageways, causing increased, though temporary, tooth sensitivity. So be very careful and don't leave it too long on your teeth !

Trays are the most effective at-home choices for dramatic whitening. These "barrier method" whiteners keep the peroxide solution against the teeth for the longest time. The fit of the trays or strips stops some people from using them. Unlike a custom tray from the dentist's office, disposable versions are made with generic molds designed for the average-size mouth. They can leak peroxide solution through any gaps and cause tooth and gum irritation. To reduce potential gum irritation , don't brush your teeth for up to half an hour before applying them — or at least skip the toothpaste.

Who can't do it?
Three groups shouldn't do their own whitening: those whose teeth are painfully sensitive to cold; anyone with crowns or fillings on their front teeth (they won't whiten and will end up looking much darker than surrounding teeth); and people whose enamel seems more gray than yellow (due to intrinsic stains from antibiotics like tetracycline taken in childhood). If your teeth look grayish, the discoloration likely lies inside the teeth, and bleaching won't help much.

My experience: 
I've bought THIS KIT on ebay, it has a concentration of 44% of peroxide. The concentration is very high, I know, but I use it very carefully. I got 6 5ml syringes and 2 mouth trays. 1 syringe is enough for about 5 treatments. The mouth trays are a bit annoying and sometimes it's very hard to be patient and wait for 15 minutes..

In just 1 week the change was amazing, my teeth were significantly lighter! I used it for 10 days, 15 minutes every time. Now I use it once a week to mantain the results. I am very happy with the result and highly recommend it to everybody!

- Low price for a full kit
- Fast delivery
- Quick results, your teeth wil be significantly lighter in the first week
- Trays are included in the price
- Gorgeous white smile

- Peroxide concentration is very high, it is not recommended by dentists
- Trays are really annoying
- If it is not used carefully it will cause damage
- You need to be patient!

Here are the results. The pictures are not retouched and 100% original!
I feel a bit embarrassed for showing you the ''before'' picture, it looks so yellow in comparison with the ''after'' picture :o



Step-by-step directions to whiten your teeth at home and how to use the mouth trays.

Step 1: Place the tray over the upper teeth without placing the tray in boiling water. Practice with your tongue on the roof of your mouth and touching the inside of the tray. Suck the air from the tray. This contours the guard to the inside surface of the teeth. When finished repeat with the lower tray.

Step 2: Bring water to a boil. The bowl should be at least 4" deep to ensure the tray's full immersion. Remove the container from the heat and place one tray in the hot but not boiling water. Leave the tray in water for 5 seconds. Make sure the edges do not fold onto each other.

Step 3: Lift the tray vertically from the water using the tab. Carefully and quickly place the tray around the teeth and then immediately perform the procedure outlined in step 1.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the fit, trim the front tab away from the tray with scissors. Make sure it is flush with the front surface of the tray.

Step 5: Place a small bead of gel per tooth in the inside of the tray (.5cc or less per tray). The gel might irritate the gums if the trays are overloaded. Insert the trays very carefully keeping the gel on the teeth and away from the gums.

Step 6: Wear the trays for 15 minutes. If sensitivity or irratation occurs wait 24 hours between treatments and use less gel. Be sure to rinse trays thoroughly after use. Repeat process daily until you reach the desired shade.

Final Step: After completing the bleaching process it is always a good idea to take a toothbrush and gently wipe away any excess gel that remains on the teeth and gums to prevent any possible irratation. Rinse excess gel from your toothbrush completely.


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  1. The before and after photos are not equal: the after photo has a flash which makes your teeth look whiter anyway.