zaterdag 29 september 2012


Dear reader, 

Let me introduce myself. But I won’t start with the boring stuff like my name is this, I live here and I’m bla bla bla years young. That will come later. Let me start with what I love to do and what I like to share with you guys. I would like to call myself a creative person. My main passion is photography. I will not say that I always felt that way about photography. Photography is something that grew on me over time, as well as blogging hihi. Being part of capturing something beautiful that can express thousands words is what photography is about for me. sharing the moments and the smiles of people, the style and the passion but also as well the unseen moments that need to be noticed.

I can’t really name my style so I let you guys do that. The reason why Burcu and I decide to make a blog is because we are so inspired by everything that is related to life, style, fashion photography and so much more. Our goal is to inspire and to be inspired. Being inspired makes my style, it’s what you will see on the blog and I hope that it will inspire you to create. Now the boring stuff.  My name is Tais Kuka, I’m half Ukrainian and half Congolese. I live in Holland, Amsterdam. But I do speak Russian hihi. I am seventeen winters young and I would like to end this post with a quote.

Don't let yourself be weighed down by what other people think, because in a few years, in a few decades, or in a few centuries, that way of thinking will have changed. Live now what others will only live in the future.

Paulo Coelho



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