woensdag 14 november 2012

Our live is a Fairy Tale !!

You know now when you were a little kid and you believed in fairy tales, that fantasy of what your life would be, white dress, prince charming who would carry you away to a castle on a hill. You would lie in bed at night and close your eyes and you had complete and utter faith. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Prince Charming, they were so close you could taste them, but eventually you grow up. One day you open your eyes and the fairy tale disappears. Most people turn to the things and people they can trust. But the thing is, it's hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely cause almost everyone has that smallest bit of hope, of faith, that one day they will open their eyes and it will come true.

Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace...

But what we forget is, that every man's life is a fairy tale, written by God's fingers..

Dress: inlovewithfashion.com
Shoes: Alysamode.nl

Vanilla <3

woensdag 7 november 2012

Non, Je ne regrette rien

We stayed in a hotel in Pere Lachaise not far away from De Cimetière du Père-Lachaise. It is the largest cemetery in the city of Paris and I must say a very fair looking cemetery with graves that date from the 17th century. We wanted to visit the grave of  Édith Piaf and Jim Morrison who lay there but the cemetery was so big and we had so little time.
Miraculous it is…

maandag 5 november 2012

Hey November !

No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees.
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds.
welcome November !

Hi guys,

November is here, and that means for me that I have to prepare for all of my not-so-favorite things...
Snow, gray skies, short days, seeing my breath and shivering, and so on...
I don't like cold weather, that means that I have to wear too much stuff. 
But okay, I must stay positive, 227 days remain till summer :)


zondag 4 november 2012

We do not remember the days we only remember the moments

Dear readers 

Today was a really lovely day with Vanilla. We went to this extremely charming park in Amsterdam that reminded me of wonderland hihi.. We had lovely shoots and had some amazing laughs. Moments that will not be forgotten. As you are reading this I'm making more of these beautiful moments with one of my best friends in Paris. I'm so happy for going to Paris in autumn. I think Paris is at it's best in autumn.... 
And of course I'm going to take picture to share with you guy's!!! 


vrijdag 2 november 2012

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

Dear reader,

 I am wearing my new skirt from River Island. It has a beautiful peplum detail, and an interesting painting print on it.
The print reminds me of this quote;

Life is painting a picture, not doing a sum
Oliver Wendell Holmes

It's finally friday, enjoy your weekend guys!


Shoplog October with Vanilla

Hi guys,

I am a bit excited because this is our first shoplog. I would like to share some pictures with you of what i have bought last month. So let's start!

donderdag 1 november 2012

Red lipstick is all I need!

Dear readers,

Someday everything will all make perfect sense, so for know laugh at the confusion smile trough the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

So just make a statement by putting your red lipstick on to make every step of the day count.....