donderdag 29 oktober 2015

Natural Make-up Tutorial

My natural face make-up tutorial. You guys, thank you for stepping by again! We really appreciated it. There are sooo many of you guys who inspire us every single day. God bless creative souls! Today I have a make-up tutorial that I can share with you. My first one… then then thennn. It’s very simple, it involves some foundation, contouring, little bit of bronzer, brows, mascara ( I usually don’t apply mascara but I wanted something extra this time) and of course lips. I will guide you through my make-up tutorial. Maybe you will go: ‘Yass, I like that’. Or maybe not... ;p. But let me know!

dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

Yellow Monochrome Essentials Winter-fall

I could not help myself; I had to share these beautiful shades of yellow as well. Only autumn can bring this out in me. I love shooting in the Amstel Park, it’s such a good park, It has a variety of different trees and plants and also more of a forest vibe. I love it, we have done many shoots there. Also, it’s not crowded and it’s pretty big - so you have a lot of space and people are not staring at you when you pose ;p. Anyways, the reason why I am talking about this park is because green goes well with yellow, and today’s post is about yellow monochrome winter-fall essentials. I have been using yellow shades in combination with green a lot, as you may noticed – or not ;p. But, here are some of my favorites items so far.

If you love this COS jumper that I am wearing over here, then my friend, you can still get it! Yet, only in a darker green or grey – because I bought my jumper last year. Different collection is suppose. 

maandag 26 oktober 2015

Green Monochrome Essentials

Every year, especially in fall, I obsess about one monochrome color. Last year my color of chose was green. It all started with my Celine Trio bag. The name of the color is unpronounceable, So I am just going to call it lime greenish. After that, this beautiful green Cos sweater came along and somehow everything came into place. Cos has the same sweater now available but in a darker green. I am thinking of getting the sweater, but maybe not in green, but in grey. I wanted white but they don’t have white available. I was feeling  the white monochrome as my color of chose this winter-fall season. But I am not feeling something particular yet in white. So amma wait. Anyways, that does not stop me from looking at other colors, especially beautiful shades of green. You will find gorgeous essentials in this post and I hope it will inspire you guys, and of course help you see what’s out there.

Green Monochrome