maandag 29 juni 2015

Some things stay and so things go

I have wanted a Kenzo sweater ever since it was a fashion must have in 2012. I clearly remember Andy Torres wearing the sweater at NYWF in that same year and I was sold. I loved everything about that sweater, the color, the tiger and the pop of Kenzo in it. But unfortunately for me I didn’t really  have that money to spend back then and when I finally did manage to save up some money, the sweater was already gone… and my other attempts kinda failed as well. But some years later on a simple stop to my second home ( deBijenkorf) I saw fresh new Kenzo sweaters hanging in the most beautiful colors, so naturally I started walking towards the Kenzo corner and then I saw this beauty and could not stop myself from trying it on. It was a perfect match, a little bit tight around the fatness but we can work on that this summer. 

zondag 21 juni 2015

Big, Beautiful and Fabulous

Dear readers,

It’s been a while, can’t say I am back again, but I am trying. I love photography and I love taking pictures of people that inspire me. I feel blessed that I have met this person and that we have stayed in touch even though our paths went different directions. And now, I can call him my friend. A friend that is different, and a friend that taught me to challenge the beauty ideals. Because It is easy to see the world in the most obvious way and it is more challenging to look at the other side and create your own form of beauty and set your own standards. I asked if a could take pictures of him and  I asked some question to give you guys a little bit of inside about my beautiful friend. I hope that he will inspire you guys like he inspired me. So without further ado, meet Ali!