woensdag 30 januari 2013

Memories made in the coldest winter

Take us where our dreams have gone.
Just you and me, my dearest one.

Memories made and memories to come,
I’m looking forward to every one !


maandag 28 januari 2013

Worry About You

For as long, long as I can remember
It's been December, no sun,
No summertime to treasure, we weren't grown
And every time that they told us surrender, it will be better
We just go holding on til forever for what we know.
Song by 2AM Club



zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Winter wonderland

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.
John Ruskin

maandag 21 januari 2013


Addictive, handmade, wonderful and amazing smelling cosmetics. Yes my dear readers, I am talking about LUSH. 
Home of the oh so yummy smelling products that make you want to live in your tub/shower. 

Today I will show you some bath products which I bought last week, enjoy!

Bağımlılık yaratan, el yapimi, harika ve mükemmel kokulu ürünler. Evet sevgili okuyucum, LUSH'dan bahsediyorum. 
Baş döndürücü kokulu ürünleri ile banyonuzda yaşama isteği uyandırıyor!

Bugün sizlerle geçen hafta aldığım bir kaç LUSH banyo ürünleri paylaşacağım, iyi okumalar !

donderdag 10 januari 2013

First look of 2013 !

Hi guys,

It has been a long time since our last post. We are really sorry for that. But we are back now :)