vrijdag 2 november 2012

Shoplog October with Vanilla

Hi guys,

I am a bit excited because this is our first shoplog. I would like to share some pictures with you of what i have bought last month. So let's start!

At the picture you see some products of the MAC face&body collection, it is perfect for contouring the face, soon there will be a tutorial and a review of the products on our blog ! Also you see a primer of Loreal, which gives the skin a beautiful glow. And my new mascara of Estee Lauder and one of Rituals!

I am not familiar with Carine Roitfeld, but I fell in love with this palette when i saw it! Those eyeshadow shades are amazing, it is perfect for creating smokey eyes! And the cremeblend blush gives the finishing touch to the palette! 

I have also a new MAC lipstick in a red/orange shade, this color has to be one of the best reds i have ever used, it's really an eyecatcher, love it!!

Face masks !!! LOVE ITT!! 

Some new jeans and tights from H&M and Diesel. ( look with the blue tights: http://chocolatevanillabt.blogspot.nl/2012/10/i-have-touched-sky.html )

This skirt is from River Island.  ( a look with this skirt; http://chocolatevanillabt.blogspot.nl/2012/11/this-world-is-but-canvas-to-our.html )

Two blazers from H&M. I love blazers so much <3

And my new love !!! This navy blue colored jacket from Zara upgraded my wardrobe!! Look at those gorgeous golden details, I am totally in love with it!!

My new shoes!

New accessories!


And last but not least! two autumn dolls for in my new room, to get in the autumn mood :)

Vanilla <3

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