dinsdag 23 april 2013

Red As Roses But Gray As We Feel


 Let me tell you about this shoot.. First of all this was a very and I mean a very fast shoot. Cuz we had very little time and we were so tired... You see, our day started very early for my do. ( Thats a lot of very's)I thought that we were going to a open day for a make-up artist school but it actually turned out to be something else.

We were going to a school, yet not for a brief of information. But The make-up artist student had to make Burcu's face up as a exam. So my first reaction was... Is this really the reason why I had to wake up this early on my day off. And the worst part was that they did not let me stay. I had to go of in the rain and wait till Burcu was done to do a shoot.. Anyways I decided to go back to my old school because it was in the   
Neighborhood but I took a wrong tram in another direction... Silly me. So stepping out of the tram I get a phone call from Burcu "Were are you they need you here! One of the models did not show up and they need someone!" She said. 
Well, the nice person I am. I went back, sat there, this student did my make up ( Barbie was the theme) and at first I thought what the hell are you doing women. But at the end it was oke. I was glad that I could help her out cuz her model stud her up and it was her exam! 
So finally after all of that .. We had like 15 min to do the shoot because we had to go to the apple store for a appointment, that we missed btw. Ten ten ten.... Anyways all of that does not really matter. This look is about keeping it simple yet cute and matching colors. I love the color red and even do I would have liked to wear a poncho to make it more me, the weather in Holland  was not feeling me so well. Still a girl got to work with what she got.  

Enjoy and hasta la vista baby,  

U know who it is

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