zondag 11 augustus 2013

HELP, which hair extensions should I get ???

Hi guys,

I just loooooooveee my hair and trying new hairstyles. But my hair is much shorter than last year, and it's taking forever to grow back. 
I miss my old hair, I had so much inspiration and motivation to try new things, because it had more volume and length and the result was more beautiful.

My hair a year ago

Now it's like this...
My hair colour

So I want clip-in hair extensions for a really long time, but I am considering which brand I should get?

Luxyhair sisters

First I wanted Luxyhair extensions, A couple of months ago I had ordered them almost, but my shade was sold out...  
I did some research about the extensions and I saw some bad reviews about it and I don't dare to risk my money anymore. I like the luxy sisters a lot, they are so spontaneous and cute but it is a bit tricky...

Then I found Hello Gorgeous hair, with some really good reviews. You get a lot of hair, that means a lot of volume but they are really expensive. It's almost €300,- for 270 grams of hair extensions... I would use hair extensions for the first time, and I don't want to spend that much money for my first set. 

Then I saw the Dirty looks website. With Headkandy and Bobby glam extensions. Bobby glam is amazing because of the triple and quad weft, and the highlight&blusher wefts. I really fell in love with it. But Headkandy is almost similiar, and has more reviews on the internet. 

I was thinking of getting 20-22 inch of Bobbyglam full head triple wefts in Iced Coffee  and a set of blusher wefts in St. Tropez. The total price is €160,- for 210 grams of hair. 

So help me guys, what should I do? It is a lot of money and I don't want to waste it..

Ohh god, I hate making decisions.... -____-'

But watch out when I have my extensions, a lot of tutorials will follow! ;-)

Xx. Vanilla

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  1. OMG when you get your extensions, you should do a review!! I am also considering bobby glam extensions...

    1. Bobby glam is amazing, they have so much shades. I will do a review for sure !!


  2. You should try luxyhair and do a review for us.

    Those are the most popular.

  3. I love extensions, it makes your hair longer and gives you more volume. I just use the ones from sallys beauty suply. so I am curious which ones your goin to use.


  4. I am using Headkandy for 3 months now and I love them !

  5. I wish I could try it all and share my opinion with you...

    I still don't know which one I should get :-S

  6. Hello,

    My name is April and I run LuxeLocks Hair. We are an emerging hair extension
    company that specializes in 100% human hair remy extensions that are guaranteed
    tangle and shed free for 5 months with everyday wear - longer with occasional
    wear. Our product retails from $175 - $209 US.

    I'd love to speak more about what you're looking for and offering a pre-launch
    discount for our product.

    Our full site launches later this month; in the meantime, you can find more
    information at www.luxelockshair.com and before and afters on social media
    @luxelockshair. You can reach me there as well.


  7. Headkandy, I have them for 3 months now and they are amazing!

  8. I only use Locks & Bonds extensions. I have tried both luxy and headkandy, but locks & bonds are really much better and they have the best colors, a lot of mixed colors and they are really thick. Here they are www.locksandbonds.com But you look great with or without them!

    1. I will take a look my dear, thank you soooo much for your amazing words!! <3

      Lot of loves, Vanilla

  9. Omg same problem here... Too much choice, too different reviews. I am really curious which one you should get.


  10. Take a look at Foxylocks!

  11. Locks and bonds has horrible quality hair and their customer service is worse. Scammers!