zaterdag 28 september 2013

Mystery Girl On Our Blog

Lately I have been putting more effort to photography and for the blog because there wasn’t much action going on. So I have asked my friend if I could take pictures of her because she has a really cool style.. like a total hipster. And I was glad to hear that she said yes, because honestly I thought that she would say NO.

We had I amaz-balls day we just went to the city and took some photo’s and walk and shopped around. But unfortunately the day ended really bad because my friend Nesrine’s  Phone got stolen by some asshole when we were shopping..  So the person who has her phone YOU ARE WELCOME TO DYE NOW.

Anyways the photos turned up really well, I like the whole MYSTERY GIRL thing that is going on because she does not really look in to the camera. And if you’re wondering about her gorge clothing. She is wearing a h&m hat and legging, river island boots and ring. T-shirt from De Darling. Yep I guess that’s it you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more style pictures!!!



If I can make her sing on the blog you guys would have a eargasm 


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