zondag 8 december 2013


Merhaba lovely reader,

Thank you for stepping by our blog again. We really cherish your visits to our blog and we really try to inspire you like soo many of you inspire us!  

What can I say: ‘ winter is coming and I am looking forward to that.’ To simply enjoy the Christmas holidays. Read as much as a can, laugh and then laugh more as much as a can. Yes I love winter, not so much because of the cold or snow but because of the spirit that it brings during the holidays. And friends of course… Yes, me and my friend are going to Istanbul and we are going to celebrate new year’s eve there which is amazing as well… And I promise there will be a lot of pictures! Because my lack of blogging is quit dreadful.. It’s been pretty much life smacking me in the face lately. But no worries I feel the wind is changing and its bringing me the Santa’s Christmas spirit!.

Well dearies, today I have pictures of moi in my favori sweather and my really warm ugglies.

Enjoy your god blessed Sunday and may you feel the wind change as well.



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