woensdag 15 januari 2014

Istanbul Insta @chocolatevanillabt #yolo

Let me start off with a happy new year every one, if your are reading this than you are on our blog and that makes us very happy that you stepped by. May all good things come your way and I hope for you that you have found your path in life and that you are pursuing your dreams. Remember to be kind to one another for this kindness will be returned to you. And god bless you my lovely child!

Furthermore, as you may know we spend our holidays in Istanbul.. which was lovely but kind of hectic as well. This was my second time in Istanbul but Burcu visited Istanbul more often. Our group existed out of 7 people total, which in my opinion was a little too much but never the less we had fun and I enjoyed each and every ones company...Thank you ladies!

I know I promised a lot of photos but my new New year’s resolutions are not to make promises that I cannot keep specially the ones related with the blog… so therefore sorry. I will try to make it up.. believe me, even I want style/fashion photos on the blog to be proud of and to inspire you guys.

So the only pictures that I took where with my iphone.. I know #shameonyou but never the less got some amazing instagram pic.. I know that Burcu took a whole lot more pictures, so I hope when she has the time she will post them. But right now she is very busy with school.  

Have a happy Wednesday everyone. P.s. follow us on Instagram @chocolatevanillabt



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