donderdag 20 maart 2014

Happy day of birth

 It was a cold winter in RUSSIA we only had vodka and zakyska … Wait that’s not how I wanted to start….;p I was born in Ukraine in a town that’s called Tokmak where my grandma still lives. On 17 march 1995 at 8:45 I left my save and protected home which was my mom’s belly and took my first breath in this world. And now 19 years later here I am over 2000 km across the world from my birthplace living and breathing in Amsterdam.

On the day of my birthday I wasn’t really excited  like I used to get when I was younger, time has passed and childhood dreams changed and for that reason it seems like everybody around me changed the way they looked at the idea of birthdays. But I don’t mind the way things changed .. The important things are the birthday gifts right. No.. I am kidding or nah.. ;p. The most import thing of a birthday for me is that my family from far far away writes and calles me up to congratulate me for the day of my birth, the beautiful words that are said and the best wishes that are wished. I don’t talk that often with my family but when the right time comes and we find that moment to talk it feels like a unread letter that’s been waiting forever on me. And that brings me joy. To know that no matter what happens or how far away you are from me you are still thinking of me and wishing me the best in life, for so am I.

even simple words like ‘Happy birthday xoxo ’ on your facebook wall from your friends makes you smile… the day after my birthday an old classmate from high school with who I am not really in touch anymore wrote me ‘ Tais sorry, congratulations I hope you had  a nice birthday’. And I was like áahhh that’s a nice thing to do for someone who isn’t in touch with you anymore. I looked at the other conversations I had with him and he had a similar message last year on my birthday. So that was nice to see that someone took the time to congratulate me. These are the moments I treasure on my birthday.

Of  course later that evening I went out to eat with my friend.. that was fun we had a blast with overeating and inhaling helium out of balloons and talking high-pitched. Well you can say that the evening ended well.  But a little hint for all my friend out there, I really REALLY would not mind if I would stumble upon a surprise party next year ( smiling-so-wide-that-you-can-see-her-perfectly-white-teeth.)

The painting was given to me last year on my bday by my gorgeous, beautiful, talented, smart, kind, honest, loyal and the other half of Chocolate&Vanilla friend. This time I got a more permanent gift that I yet still need to collect.

I didn’t think much of my bday on that day but I had an epiphany yesterday, oh my lord I am 19 now.



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