zaterdag 15 november 2014

My Fashion Guru

Hello my dearest readers I hope you are all doing well, may it be with your personal life, school or work remember to keep your head up and your heart strong. Today I have inspiring green colors for autumn. First I fell in love with this very warm and cozy COS sweater and later on I bought this Celine trio bag in a green color that I don’t know how to pronounce or spell. Anyways, I was inspired by this green knitted sweater so I started to look for other green items and somehow it all came together. It is not all one color green and that is what I like the most, it kind of represents all green colors of autumn with a pop of my MAC heroine lipstick color( if you were wondering). As always I want to inspire you guys.. as many of you inspire me. I went with these green colors but you can take another color that you like, like burgundy for example, I adore burgundy for autumn… but yeah be inspired!
But more importantly there is someone else in this blogpost, it’s my friend/college and my fashion guru Rodney! When it comes to labels he is the one person that understands me, gives me advise and is exited with me. To have someone like that in your life is a blessing. He studies fashion and design and is the young designer to watch!

Since my better half is too busy with school.. I am not kidding she does not even have the time to breath, let along to meet up with me, so I asked my guru friend to help me out. And as we were taking pictures and wondering through Amsterdam I realized again how much I love to photograph people with style and persona. I really need to act on that and just go out and stalk people.. chocolate needs to get back in the game ;P

btw: shoes Nike/glasses MiuMiu/sweater COS/coat Vintage/ gloves H&M/ bag Celine 

Always with love,

Chocolate & Rodney 

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  1. Leuke post! Ik ben zelf ook onwijs gek op de Heroine lipstick van MAC, draag hem zelf altijd met de Nightmoth lippencil :)