maandag 25 maart 2013


Fashion has always helped define the human condition and designers are the weathermen, predicting or foreseeing what the public will need, providing a wardrobe to protect, expose or purely to entertain. This is what makes the business of fashion so fascinating. We are enthralled by the theatre of everyday life. Some act but most people just enjoy to watch, and fashion today has replaced the movie business in providing us with the fantasies and glamour that feed our dreams.
Fashion now

Dear readers,

3 weeks ago I was selected as the most fashionable member of Modaturkiye and won the gorgeous book FASHION NOW.

Modaturkiye is an online Turkish fashion platform. You can read about the latest trends and designers, but you can also share your own looks!
It is a bit a Turkish version of the site Lookbook.

The book Fashion Now highlights the work of over 90 designers around the globe, focusing on not only the biggest names but also the most exciting new talent. A to Z designer entries include extensive biographical information, photos of recent designs by today’s leading photographers, and current catwalk shots.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Girls, you both have amazing sense of style! love to watch your looks so much!
    kisses from Istanbul)

    1. Thank you so much Viktorya!
      You have also an amazing style!!

      X. Chocolate & Vanilla