maandag 7 april 2014

About last night ‘ Justin Nozuka’

About last night ‘ Justin Nozuka’

Last night we went to the amazing concert of Justin Nozuka… God!, what a breath taking voice he has… even though I haven’t been following him for so long, the minute my friend introduced me to his music I was sold. He really has the talent to take you away in his music and he is handsome as well… the hall was filled with screaming girls with dreamy eyes.. My feet hurt though, of standing and waiting, but when Justin came on all was good again.. I hoped he would’ve sang Save Him or After Tonight, but he focused on his new album ‘ Ulysees’ and his new single was called Right By You.. you should defiantly listen to his music… I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Also what I have noticed was that he was so humble which made the experience so much more enjoyable. Thank you for your lovely songs Justin…

That was my ‘about last night’ .. I had a great time listing to a talented artist.



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