vrijdag 25 april 2014

Last night i drunk too much and today everything is double!

Hi guys,

This blogpost is inspired by my school assignment and is all about symmetry, repetition and color. 

As you may know, I am a fashion&design student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The last 8 weeks we've been researching different form principles, silhouettes, trends and techniques, that had to lead eventually to a fashion concept. 
Today were the concept presentations and the deadline of the process books. God thank, I passed it !!!

For my concept I was inspired by kaleidoscopic images. Key features include symmetry, geometry, repetition, dynamics and color.

Kaleidoscopic pattern

The photos in this post are inspired by my concept. The photos are not for my study, just an experiment on photoshop and the result of a night with no homework! :)) I'm also not limited to 1 form principle, just tried out a few things. So the images are not very much to link with each other. 

I hope you like it, and the outfit details follow soon in another post.

Take care my loves. And for my lovely dutch readers, have fun tomorrow on Kingsday !

X. Vanilla

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