woensdag 31 december 2014

Picture Time!

I suppose you can relate and understand me more through pictures and images. Some are on my Instagram and some are not ;P  I find a lot images funny, inspiring. Or just some quotes that I can relate to. Usually I just save those images on to my phone and I don’t post them on my instagram or facebook. But I decided to give some inside and share some words. Tell me what you think? @lostinthegardn

I hope you all lovely people had a charming Christmas this year with lots of presents and food.
I had a lot of fun with this eye fish lens for your phone. I bought it at Hema and I also bought it for my friends and everybody loved it.. you should defiantly check it out! 

Rodney and I decided to take a trip to a designer outlet in Roermond. He wanted to buy a designer bag for his moms birthday and was eyeing a Prada cardholder. The whole getting to Roermond was just one thing, I won’t go into details but we missed two trains because of moi. But we ended up having a blast with the fashion guru, so all was well.

But let me tell you this.. if you are going by train and you have found a ticket online that basically says: “ Roermond fashion train ticket with goodie bag and 10% discount on 5 items ” or something like that.. Gurll let me tell you, ITS TOTAL BULL. The train ticket itself is just fine I suppose but the discount is just BULL. They promise you 10% off, of designer items but what they have forgotten to mention is that it only applies to items that are not on sale. This is where it really gets me IT’S A FUCKING OUTLET CENTRUM EVERYTING IS ON SALE!!. I am not greedy but they make it a whole thing, a girl had to walk all the way back from the outlet because she missed a step to acquire this so called discount. I felt sorry for her because at the end she went back for nothing. But there I said my peace and I shall move on.


You shall never understand my love for cow print.. it’s just sooo deep
My mom went on a little vacation
I got pair one, two more to go!
This one of our good friends Jeanine, she is following her dream in Abu Dhabi. She works as a fly attendant for the Emirates and we could not be more proud for her! And as you can see, here are some pics from her training and Abu Dhabi!
Insta inspiration

Happy New Year,


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