donderdag 5 februari 2015

Twenty shades of Konstantina

I first ever heard of Konstantina Tzagaraki on lookbook. This very beautiful tall girl with dark hair has an amazing sense of style and a mesmerizing face. You can find her on lookbook and Instagram, she is most active there. This goddess from Greece brings it! She brings inspiration to the table, she brings style, creativity, feminism and fashion. I would consider her someone who dares to be different than the rest, she standout from the crowd. And more importantly, the reason why I am sharing twenty different shades of Konstantina is because she also stands out from other fashion bloggers in my opinion. If you have followed the blogger community from the beginning you would probably agree with me that most popular fashion/ style bloggers are now more focused on designer brands, making a name, establishing a business, its less about the style ( which what most of them began with) and more about business. That is totally fine but it takes away my interest…

When I follow bloggers and I follow a lot different bloggers, some with an inspiring and outstanding style like Konstantina, some who have simple styles yet they have a interesting character to them. Like for example they will write in a interesting way where you can relate to them or understand. Others use less words and let the pictures speak for them self. But today I want to focus on a true source of inspiration.

This is what I want to see, I want to be inspired and I want to step up my game, and not to show off or anything like that, but to push myself to make an effort when I wake up and go out of the door. Konstantina is one of those inspiring people that makes me feel that way. And I think she should get more credit for her effort. She is so appreciative of every comment and likes that she receives, you don’t see that a lot anymore, not that people don’t care but it is still different if someone respond back with a sincere respond, that’s when you can tell that people put their heart and soul in to their

What do you think of her style? And who are you following for inspiration tell me and we will can talk.
She already has a lot of followers but I think she can get more love and credit for her effort. This is my little way of thanking her for being an inspiring Greece goddess!

I mean you guys that combination of that green knitted sweater and the green skirt with the little Chanel bag.. I died and suddenly I was in heaven. If you have not heard of Konstantina well now you do, go follow. You’re welcome.

Be inspired,


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  1. She really is inspiring, love this post!

    xoxox Kevin

  2. Konstantina is one of my favorite muses too. I found out about her on lookbook and her style and beauty are the closest to perfection IMO. She's worth following, her style never ceases to inspire me. I follow her blog too, and I wish she would post more there since I really prefer blogs to other social media.
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