zondag 21 juni 2015

Big, Beautiful and Fabulous

Dear readers,

It’s been a while, can’t say I am back again, but I am trying. I love photography and I love taking pictures of people that inspire me. I feel blessed that I have met this person and that we have stayed in touch even though our paths went different directions. And now, I can call him my friend. A friend that is different, and a friend that taught me to challenge the beauty ideals. Because It is easy to see the world in the most obvious way and it is more challenging to look at the other side and create your own form of beauty and set your own standards. I asked if a could take pictures of him and  I asked some question to give you guys a little bit of inside about my beautiful friend. I hope that he will inspire you guys like he inspired me. So without further ado, meet Ali!

Describe yourself in 3 words or more :p
Big, Beautiful and Fabulous.

What makes you smile?
Allot of things make me smile, humanity, art, fashion, also cartoon shows and anime make me very happy. My family and friends make me smile, I try to smile all day because life is to short to frown. 

What piece of clothing screams you and why?
 I'd say probably my shoes, because I love to invest in a good shoe, I think it’s the first thing that draws me into someone’s outfit or walking the streets I always look at shoes first, they tell allot about the psychology of the person wearing them, but that’s what clothes do in general.

Book or movies/series kind a person?
Love movies! I wish I was a book lover, But I read way less books honestly, I like to pretend that I am but it’s hard for me to read a whole book, because I’m distracted SO EASILY. 

A book/ books we must read before we die?
Steal like an artist.
The magic.

What role model or person that inspired you turned around your world?.. and tell us why!
Well actually it was a sort of movement you could say, I used to be really inspired by the club kid era and the seapunk style, it made me want to dye my hair and wear funky clothes, and I guess I still have a little funkiness in me. 

Quick question: ‘ White or Black’?
Black, because it makes me look skinnier. 

What do you do with your time?:
I mostly intern, I intern at 4 different internships, and if I ever get time to breathe I LOVE to draw at home while there are cartoons or series playing on the computer.

Do you have a favorite designer item at this moment?:
I'd probably say my Givenchy FW11 boots or my Raf simons. 

A up and coming person/ blogger/ mom/ youtube guru or someone else that we need to follow?
There are a couple of bloggers that really inspire me: Joell Mcloughlin (Gallucks) he has amazingggg style, also Mikko Puttonen, is amazing and does great photography, and SergeySuxOv on Instagram is AMAZING, the way he understands colors is crazy.

What helps you to get through your insecurities?
Telling myself that only because the whole world says something or believes in something doesn’t mean it should be my truth.
I learned that I don’t have time to dislike myself, get over it, loving yourself makes you stronger and people will notice the confidence. 

Favo food?
Such a though one, I REALY love food, I would have to say either fries or Chinese food. 

A place to see in Amsterdam?
9 straatjes, love it there.

Interesting photography, fascinating art, and music inspires me ALLOT.
Also if I let my mind go crazy I get really inspired! 

Do you have a favorite brand/ designer/ store?
I am recently really into brands like, Kenzo, JW Anderson, raf simons, Saint Laurent, etc.

What to do if you want something but you can’t afford it?
I Sell as much things I can that I don’t want until I have enough money to afford it.
or beg allot of people for a bit of money and if you get 10 euro’s from 10 people that’s 100 euro’s, as long as you can repay them back at some point of course! 

Do you have a faith and if so tell us what is means to you?
I do have a faith, I believe in god, and am mostly practicing my faith in a Islamic way, but I think what’s important is not what you read but to understand what you read, most people read and act, like you are taking orders, but religion is understanding, you need to know what you are reading, then apply it to your lifestyle.
I think the main purpose of religion is for you to be a good person, and I think even people who aren’t religious but have a good heart and are good people will go to heaven because you embody the essence of religion, I think that’s important, to be good.

You have a shirt on with Pamyu Pamyu on it do you support the artist or are you wearing it for fun?
 I absolutely ADORE her, she is my absolute favorite and I support her all the way!

Do you want to tell us something that we need to know?
Love yourself first, if you can love yourself you will be successful in anything you do in life.

You can follow mu amazing friend on Instagram @alijavaid_

Always with love,

Chocolate & Ali

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