maandag 29 juni 2015

Some things stay and so things go

I have wanted a Kenzo sweater ever since it was a fashion must have in 2012. I clearly remember Andy Torres wearing the sweater at NYWF in that same year and I was sold. I loved everything about that sweater, the color, the tiger and the pop of Kenzo in it. But unfortunately for me I didn’t really  have that money to spend back then and when I finally did manage to save up some money, the sweater was already gone… and my other attempts kinda failed as well. But some years later on a simple stop to my second home ( deBijenkorf) I saw fresh new Kenzo sweaters hanging in the most beautiful colors, so naturally I started walking towards the Kenzo corner and then I saw this beauty and could not stop myself from trying it on. It was a perfect match, a little bit tight around the fatness but we can work on that this summer. 

On the other side of this picture you will find my Gianvito Rossi heels. A winter purchase of mine. This elegant beautiful shoe is of patent leather in a burgundy color. The shoe has a pointy toe and a 100mm heel. Although it’s a classic and I would love for them to be in my heel collection for ever, I can’t have it all. Some things stay and some things go in order for new things to be bought and I have my eyes on Valentino heaven hahah. So yes I am selling my Gianvito Rossi heels in size 40,5. I wear a size 40 but on net-a-porter they advised to take a half size up and I did so and they fit perfectly. So if you are interested in my shoes, I would be more than happy to sell them to you. Here is a link of my Marktplaats page and for the lovely people who live abroad you can  always email me :

Maybe this is your new thing that you have been waiting for and maybe we can make each other happy. As the sales people in Istanbul in the Grand Bazar would say ‘my friend, I make special price for you!’.

 Please don’t take me too serious.

Always with love,


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  1. Love the shoes, but the size is too big for me :)