dinsdag 21 juli 2015

My Father inspires me, because he is a very genuine man

Another beautiful, talented, creative and inspiring friend of mine, Kimberly.

Describe yourself in 3 words or more :
Spontaneous, Carrying and Ambitious.

What makes you smile?:

Theater and Art.

What kind of peace of clothing screams you and why?:
over-sized t-shirt, because its goes almost everything. Leggings, jeans, skirts. Also, you can
even wear it as a dress and can also layer it up or down.

Book or movies/series kind a person?

Movie series.

What role model or person that inspired you turned around your

world?.. and tell us why:

My Father inspires me, because he is a very genuine man.

Quick question: ‘ White or Black’?
Haha, trick Question, Both. I love Black and White.

What do you do with your time?:
Rehearsing and I love to go to the theater.

Do you have a favorite designer item at this moment?:
Ehm, no not at all. I am not really fan of designer clothes.

A up and coming person/ blogger/ mom/ youtube guru or someone else
that we need to follow?

I really love youtube guru Patricia Bright also known as britpopprinses.

A book/ books we must read before we die?
The Bible.

What helps you to get through your insecurities?
Being honest to myself and through prayers.

Favo food?
Hahaha, I dont really have a favorite food. Just eat really everything

Do you have a favorite brand/ designer/ store?
No not really, just pick up clothes every. Especially when it’s on sales.

What to do if you want something but you can’t afford it?

Ask myself: Kimberly do you really need this, mostly the answer is no.

Do you have a faith and if so tell us what is means to you?
Yes, am a Christian. And it means everything to me. My believe in God
sustains me in all my doings.

Do you want to tell us something that we need to know?

Yeah, thanks for reading and be Good, haha, had to say something.

Always with love,

Kim & Chocolate

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