dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Last February

Just some memories that we haven’t shared on our blog yet. This was in February when we were in Istanbul on holiday. I didn’t have all the pictures, just the ones that I took on my camera and Iphone. But I really wanted to share this green/ yellow obsession of mine that I had. It all started with this green COS sweater. If you have read my previous post back in autumn y’all would know what I am talking about. These color combinations give me life, I am not even kidding. Looking back at my pictures, I amma be like: Style is my thing. Not always, but sometimes I still got it. The weather was very lovely in February when we visited Istanbul and we would just go out and explore. I love that about city trips, I feel so inspired and I want to dress up. I really need to work on myself, I feel if I would lose some weight and live a more healthier lifestyle, that I would be much more comfortable in my own skin and wear things and styles that I like. I feel limited by my body and it is my own doing. But anyways, I hope you guys like my color combo tho... and I hope that I inspire you guys in some way!

Wearing: Cos sweather (similar here)/ Miu Miu glasses (here)/ Celine trio (similarhere)/ H&M maxi dress (old)/Nike air force 1( not quite but similar)/lips mac heroine. Burcu is wearing a Mango coat military vintage looking (similar)Burcu’s jewelry :Albert cuyp market in Amsterdam. There is this lady with red hair who sells Buru’s most worn jewelry./ Hat h&m.

Yes, lately you have been seeing much of me but that is because the other half of this blog is on a very and I mean very long vaca in Turkey.

Always with love,


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