dinsdag 17 november 2015

Gifts Under 200,- Euro

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is coming. That always warms my heart. I must admit we don’t celebrate Christmas extensive in our family, at least not how I want or image celebrating Christmas. I image a big tree, a big dinner, all family members gathering, laughter and a lot of presents. But unfortunately for me, it’s just me and my Madre ( because our family lives either in Ukraine or Mother Russia ). Also, we are Russian Orthodox, so for us Christ was born in January. But we live in Holland so we basically celebrate everything double. The more the merrier. Anyways, let’s talk presents. It’s always nice to give something to your friends and loved-ones on Christmas, even if it’s only a card! But since we’re so into fashion ;p ; I have made a list with affordable ( somewhat affordable) designer items. Now I would not mind getting them and I image most of you would not mind getting these lovely items (this is me hinting ;p)

I have gathered few options and there are many more. Believe me, I would be happy with a pair of socks, pyjama’s, books or an ugly Christmas sweater. I think people value gifts that are thought through. I know for a fact that my fashion guru friends would love small designer items. While my other friends like reading, therefore, giving them a books as a present would be ideal. Also, some are into beauty or don’t expect anything from you. I don’t know for me it is kinda saying; thank you for being in my life, even if it is only a gift card with my face on it ;p I love you and appreciate you!

If you have any other suggestion you are welcome to share with us!

Always with love,


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