woensdag 17 september 2014

Every day kind of shoes

 Hello lovely people,

Today I wanted to share a new pair of Nike’s . These simple black beauties are what I call my every day kind of shoes. Yeah, here in Holland you can pretty much say that winter is coming, even though the weather out here is acting bipolar right know, one day it’s sunny the other day it’s cold as fudge! Anyhow, I needed new shoes! My lovely Vens did their part and now they have earned their rest in peace.

I am very happy with these Nike Air Force 1. Their good for everyday, you know when you have to go to school or work, and they’re black so they basically go with almost every outfit.  They are very comfortable and even though they’re a Nike shoe, they still have a class and elegance look to them. You can style an outfit without making it look too sporty with these shoes, and that’s what I like about these Nike’s and why I bought them.

You can find the shoes on Nike.com and Net-a-porter has then in grey as well. I personally bought them in a store because I wanted to try them on.



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