dinsdag 16 september 2014

Saving money for shoes?!?!

‘Choosing quality over quantity’ I said to myself, and so it began.

If you are close to me, than you probably know my obsession with designer shoes and bags. Not that I own many but the obsession is never the less. Before is start. I must say, you really have to be careful with obsessing about materialistic thing. Because sometimes it will eat you up and make you value the wrong things in life, ‘damn you youtube unboxing’. But since this is my current dilemma in life that I am dealing with( not really I am not that superficial). Let me put it like this ‘one of my 99 problems’, so I thought why not share this with my lovely readers.

Yes, you see beautiful shining things, and you’re like; ‘ I need this in my life, or I shall die’. But then you look at the price tag and you are like; ‘ nah, maybe I don’t’. Here is where I come in and say: patience my dear.

One lovely evening on my day off, I decided to watch a few reviews and unboxings on youtube of Christian Louboutin shoes. I was interested in how much they were, what kind of models there were, and which ones would suit me the best, I also wanted to know about the sizing as well. So I opened a few tabs and I came across this girl, which was so interesting to me because it felt like a epiphany. The name of her channel is MissLizHeart btw. And she was talking about how she choose quality over quantity. Basically what she did is, she sold all of her shoes on ebay or something like that, and with that money she bought herself a new pair of louboutins. And I thought to myself how cool is that. ‘ I shall do the same’ I said to myself. And I did!

I have a lot of shoes, low budget shoes, specially high heels that I don’t wear often. So I though why not sell them and buy something more expensive, but worth the money.‘ hmm, what can I sell  that I don’t use at all, and it’s just laying around my room anyhow.
So I went through my stuff and I found this;
A guitar ( impulsive buy)
Lomography Diana f camera ( used ones, so yeah, you can say it was a impulsive buy)
Piano ( still in our living room)
Shoes ( specially high heels, some are still available)
And I had I smart idea of trading in gold for money. I had some gold laying around that had no personal value to me, so I decided to trade that in for cash. And I got quite some money.

This girl  inspired me to think smart and to act on it. Now I can buy myself a lovely pair loubs and some more. But I am saving up for something more special, you pretty much can say for a lifelong dream.. hihi. I will touch upon on that later!

Anyhow, If you want something and I am talking about expensive items like designer wear that you can’t afford right know. Make up a plan. Cut costs on junk food or going out or on impulsive buys that you only buy because it’s cute. In a month you will save up a whole lot of money just by cutting costs on the good life ‘ like food’ :p

Have patience, I am still working on that part. But really, if you don’t like something over a long period of time ( I am talking about months) then it’s probably not worth the buy. This only counts for expensive stuff. And please don’t look only at the brand.. look at the style, does it suite you, does it scream you, does it make your heart skip a beat and most of all are you going to get your money off of it? Remember if it is a classic item, it will always be something that you can wear. Where if it’s something that is only IN this season you most likely would not wear it next year, so keep that I mind. Waiting on the annual sale season is the ultimate test on your patience.

Yes my friend this is kind of how I am saving up for designer items. I have to add, I work a lot so that helps too. Reaching your goal a bit faster never hurt nobody, just stay true to yourself. And remember it’s just things, it’s just material thing nothing too important in life.

I hope I kind of inspired and helped you in some way and that this post wasn’t a too long of a read. And if you read so far, thank you child and god bless.



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