maandag 7 september 2015

Moments 'Barcelona'

We only went for 4 days to the beautiful city of Barcelona, with only 10 kg of luggage and on a low budget haha. These are the moments that we shared on our little trip and that I also wanted to capture for you guys. So, short story: It was my first time in Barcelona. It was really hot, but I am glad we went even only for a few days. Now I have a idea of the city and the things you can do there. A lot of shopping opportunities which is super fun. Yet we held our grounds because we were on a budget. We did not go to the beach because we did not feel like we were beachbody ready ;p I was really worried that they would take my umbrella away because we were only aloud 10 kg of hand luggage (because we were on a budget haha) and the umbrella did not fit in to my mini luggage. Also, we did not eat any churros or tapas, but we did eat Italian and Chinese. The Chinese restaurant was bad but on our way back to the hotel I found 5 euro’s on the ground. I felt very luck and if I found your 5 euro’s that you have lost, I am sorry I have spend it on food. Last but not least we stayed in this marvelous hotel. The Guitar Grand Passage. Quoting : ‘Example is a great choice for travelers interested in architecture, food and shopping.

Yes please.

‘Proud owner of a Tory Burch bag’

‘La sagrada familia’ 

‘Arc de triomphe’

‘the umbrella’

So yeah, short story. But if you have any other questions about Barcelona, our hotel, the neighborhood we stayed at, transportation, the people, feel free to ask. Let’s talk!

Always with love,


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  1. Btw dont order Telepizza ever, EVER! you are welcome.

  2. wow i love this post
    Barcelona is one of my facorite cities
    and your hairstyle is so cute :)

    with love your AMELY ROSE

    1. Thank you Amely Rose, I see you have a creative soul as well!