maandag 26 oktober 2015

Green Monochrome Essentials

Every year, especially in fall, I obsess about one monochrome color. Last year my color of chose was green. It all started with my Celine Trio bag. The name of the color is unpronounceable, So I am just going to call it lime greenish. After that, this beautiful green Cos sweater came along and somehow everything came into place. Cos has the same sweater now available but in a darker green. I am thinking of getting the sweater, but maybe not in green, but in grey. I wanted white but they don’t have white available. I was feeling  the white monochrome as my color of chose this winter-fall season. But I am not feeling something particular yet in white. So amma wait. Anyways, that does not stop me from looking at other colors, especially beautiful shades of green. You will find gorgeous essentials in this post and I hope it will inspire you guys, and of course help you see what’s out there.

Green Monochrome 

There was another alternative the 'Steve madden' stiletto, similar color, gorgeous, but unfortunately they did not have my size in NYC and I could not find the shoe here in Amsterdam. But then a friend found them on, only yet again not in my size. They only retailed for 99$ and were sooo comfortable, because I tried a size smaller and bigger. But hey, C'est la vie.

I hope you guys liked it and maybe even found something that you are going to buy and ad to your wardrobe!  Let me know, let’s take.

Always with love,


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