donderdag 29 oktober 2015

Natural Make-up Tutorial

My natural face make-up tutorial. You guys, thank you for stepping by again! We really appreciated it. There are sooo many of you guys who inspire us every single day. God bless creative souls! Today I have a make-up tutorial that I can share with you. My first one… then then thennn. It’s very simple, it involves some foundation, contouring, little bit of bronzer, brows, mascara ( I usually don’t apply mascara but I wanted something extra this time) and of course lips. I will guide you through my make-up tutorial. Maybe you will go: ‘Yass, I like that’. Or maybe not... ;p. But let me know!

Behold my make-up-less face. No, I have no problem going outside without make-up. Sometimes I correct my brows a little bit before I go outside, but that is usually it. I am a lazy person and if I can sleep a minute longer; I will, believe me. But when I have all the time in the world, then my friend, I will go ham on that face. You see, you have to look at your face as a canvas. You are an artist! Don’t argue with me, YOU ARE. Paint that face like you’re Da Vinci and you are painting the Mona Lisa. That girl had a lot of contouring going on.

I don’t know you guys, I was trying to do my serious face or something.

First thing first, foundation. Apply the foundation all around your face, don’t forget the neck! You don’t want to have a orange face, and a pale neck. You may forget in a hurry, but please, please, keep that in mind. Especially when you have a very fair skin tone. I use Mac pro longwear foundation for a full cover ( not daily).

Moving on to contouring. I live for this shit hahha. Work that face like Da Vinci. Emkay, I contour the cheekbones, create dept in the eyes, contour the edge of my forehead (leave the middle part alone because we are going to highlight that), I contour the bridge of my nose and contour my jawline for that sharp looking allusion. Don’t apply too much, a little goes a long way. Now the next step is key, my friend. You need to blend, blend and blend, until you think you are done with blending, then blend some more; until you look like you were born like this.

The light did not work with us for a moment.

Highlight the face. This is how I highlight my face. I have a round face, all contour techniques are pretty much the same. Just go with your natural shape and you will be just fine. Contour the parts that you want to bring forward. Highlighting for me is just to enhancing the contouring. But many people use concealer to conceal underneath the eyes and highlight other spots. But as I said, you are the artist and you can decide whatever you want to use and works for you. I for example don’t use concealer. I just use a lighter foundation to highlight my face. I forgot mine, so I used Burcu’s new foundation. She was testing out NARS.

Don’t mind my face. I was just a little bit to excided.

Blend your highlight out. Blend it good. As you can see I did not really apply the highlight neatly, so the blending part is crucial.

Now comes the powder. I use the loose powder to set my foundation. I use Givenchy Prisme Libre for the highlight, and a compact powder from Flormar for my own skin-tone foundation. 

Now blend the powder gently until there is no excessive powder left.

Moving on to the bronzer. I love this bronzer, it really goes well with my skin-tone. It’s just a simple bronzer from Hema. For the highlight; I am using a powder from the balm.

Hello there, brows. I am brushing them down and preparing them for the pencil.

Fill the brows in with whatever you like and works for you. I use a combination of a black pencil, dark brown powder and brow gel. But today I am just using the pencil.

A little bit black eyeliner pencil.

Mascara form Estee launders ‘ Sumptuous Extreme’. Burcu’s number one mascara. I had my doubts but it; I like it as well.

The struggle is real.

I don’t know why I a sooo happy and smiling in this picture probably because I am trying to pose and Burcu is making me laugh. 

Lips, lips, lips. I am just using the lip pencil from KIKO number 311.

The end result!



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