dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

Yellow Monochrome Essentials Winter-fall

I could not help myself; I had to share these beautiful shades of yellow as well. Only autumn can bring this out in me. I love shooting in the Amstel Park, it’s such a good park, It has a variety of different trees and plants and also more of a forest vibe. I love it, we have done many shoots there. Also, it’s not crowded and it’s pretty big - so you have a lot of space and people are not staring at you when you pose ;p. Anyways, the reason why I am talking about this park is because green goes well with yellow, and today’s post is about yellow monochrome winter-fall essentials. I have been using yellow shades in combination with green a lot, as you may noticed – or not ;p. But, here are some of my favorites items so far.

If you love this COS jumper that I am wearing over here, then my friend, you can still get it! Yet, only in a darker green or grey – because I bought my jumper last year. Different collection is suppose. 

Self made gloves: Esty.com

That were all the gorgeous Yellow monochrome goods that I like.

Always with love,


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