vrijdag 18 september 2015

Inspired to do new things

I am not really the one that dresses up every single day. It’s just not me, not because I don’t like it, but probably because I am lazy, don’t have the time, don’t want to make the time or simply are not in the mood. But, sometimes when I am off and don’t have anything to do that day, no other engagement. I will spontaneously create a new look, get inspired by a look and try to recreate that look or style in my own way. You see, sometimes I think that my inspiration is interesting and by sharing this with you guys you can maybe get inspired too. Maybe play around and try to do new things.

This music video was my inspiration for trying out this hair style. After that I started to play around with the make-up. I wanted red lips! and basically a lot of contouring and highlighting. I also used fake eyelashes, the individual ones. Only, I am in love with the ones that have three individuals on one lash. Can’t get them anywhere in the Netherlands. At least, I can’t find them. The ones that I have used, I bought them in Istanbul at the Watson store. Kat Graham made a tutorial with her mua using those lashes and I was sold. Anyways this is the original look that I have created spontaneously, and I call it original because when I try to recreate it, it’s just not quite the same ;p

I recreated the look and my friend did take pictures of me but I really, really did not like them. So instead of showing you that, I am going to show you the pictures of his outfit. Casual, black and fun. You have seen Rodney already in one of mine autumn posts so he is no stranger to the blog.  


Chocolate &  Rodney

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