maandag 21 september 2015

When in doubt, wear red.

When I was little, I desperately wanted glasses. Really, I wanted any kind of accessory that would make me stand out and look special, and at the time I romanticized glasses. So I hoped and hoped and hoped for bad eyesight. I basically wished my way to horrible vision because in second grade my parents took me to the optometrist, who in fact informed me that I needed glasses.

Oh, happy day! For approximately two weeks, but I was teased mercilessly. I started hating my glasses, regretting that I ever even wanted them and switched to contacts. If you wear glasses, it's easy to feel like you can hide behind your frames

But I grew to love my glasses again, the outstanding frames are more an accessory to me. I treat shopping for glasses like I would treat shopping for a purse or new shoes. Glasses are awesome. They come in all shapes and colors, and you can mix and match based on your mood or outfit.

And that’s why I fell in love with the online webshop FIRMOO with a wide range of fantastic and very affordable (!) frames, and also a friendly and helpful customer service. It is almost too good to be true.

So after spending a long time on choosing frames I made a decision and placed my order. I have to admit, my expectations were not high… After 1,5 weeks, I received the package. This is pretty fast as the package was sent from China! The quality and fit really surprised me !

Make sure to take a look on FIRMOO and take your 15% coupon code which you can use sitewide.


Burcu Dere

Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Derimod
Blouse: Ipekyol
Scarf: Mango

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