dinsdag 29 september 2015

Impulsive, a tad bit rebellious and open minded

Nesrine and I decided that we wanted to dye our hair just little bit. She wanted to dye her ends blue and I wanted to shave 3,4  cm of the back of my head, bleach that part and then dye it in a color. I bought blue as well. Although I did not shave ( more like cutting it very short) or bleach it yet, sooo stay tuned! But Nesrine did. She didn’t bleach it, but she had lightened her ends into a dark blond, earlier this year. Surprisingly the dye did really take, she slept with the dye and this is how it turned out. She is in all black everything today. Love the look, a little bit dark and goth like but still fabulous. She also answered some questions btw!

She is wearing this beautiful long black dress from (h&m) I think. With a gold belt that accentuate the waist, very lovely (similar here). The jacket, I don’t even know where the jacket is from, such a good jacket (similar here). River island boots. That’s pretty much all I know about the outfit. But if you see something and you are like ‘I need’ I will make sure to find out where she bought it. 

My good friend is very camera shy, or not really used to pose naturally in front of a camera. But when she relaxes, she really does not have to make any effort whats so ever. It just comes naturally. I mean she has this don’t f*ck with me look ;p. But to me, as someone behind the lens I am like work it girl yass YASSZ.  I hope you guys like this all black everything look. I am actually in love with everything but specially with the beautiful flattering black dress and the blue ends.

Describe yourself in 3 words or more ;P 
 Impulsive, a tad bit rebellious and open minded.

What role model or person that inspired you turned around your world?.. and tell us why:
This is a question I have a hard time answering... Because I can't really pin point one person who has inspired me. Every person that has played or still plays a role in my life has left a mark on me and inspired me one way or another. Everyone has had different ideas and views on life that have helped mold my own. 

What helps you to get through your insecurities?
I just accept them. I'm sure everyone has their insecurities because every single being has flaws. So I just deal with the fact that I can't be happy with every single thing about myself. Some days it's easier than others and that’s okay.

What do you do with your time?:
Work, read, watch reality series (a very guilty pleasure), listen to a lot music and at the same time looking for new or undiscovered songs and above search my soul for my capabilities and what my next move in life is going to be.

Do you have a faith and if so tell us what is means to you?
I do. I am Muslim. My faith empowers me and continues to challenge me to be a better person. It also teaches me a lot about people and myself. I find peace in my religion.

Do you have a favorite designer item at this moment?:
I don't really have a designer who really stands out to me nor do I have a favorite designer. I have never been one to really value labels.

Do you have a favorite brand/ designer/ store?
Probably Monki. Because they of course sell a lot of flannels but also because they have the best jeans in my opinion.  

What kind of peace of clothing screams you and why?:
Flannels. I'm obsessed with flannel shirts not only because I think they look nice but I also love how they look. 

What to do if you want something but you can’t afford it?
Go home and cry about it for 3 days straight. Just kidding. I usually tell myself I'll try and save up for it knowing that I won't because I have never saved a dime in my life. So I just get over it and move on to the next obsession. 

Book or movies/series kind a person?
I find that I am neither. I always have these periods in which I either watch tons of movies, watch tons of tv show or read a lot of random books. I wouldn't be able to pick any of these as my favorite.

A book/ books we must read before we die? 
This probably sounds super lame and dorky but I would have to say everyone has to have read the entire Harry Potter series at least once (I have read them way too many times but yet not enough) in their lifetime. They're magical (< what a pun).

My surroundings. My mind is constantly all over the place but that also allows me to see things people would tend to look past.

Favo food?
This is such a hard question like how dare you do this to me? This is like asking a mother who her favorite child is! This is a question only Kris Jenner would be able to answer. 

Quick question: ‘ White or Black’?
Quick answer: Black.

A up and coming person/ blogger/ mom/ youtube guru or someone else that we need to follow?
One of my favorite youtubers is AndreasChoice and she has been for quite some time now. I find that she is very creative and she sparks my creativity without having to copy whatever she has done. On other words she somewhat challenges me to be creative and I like that. I always like that she has a big variety of videos, DIY's, make-up tutorials, OOTD's, skin and hair care tips and routines etc. 

What makes you smile?
There's quite a lot that makes me smile... But mostly what makes me smile are my own super bad jokes, my friends and family.

Do you want to tell us something that we need to know?
I don’t know, do you?

Hope you guys liked it!

Much love,

Nesrine & Tais

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